SFB Workshop Reference Documents
Ecoregional and Landscape Planning Resources:
Documents and Presentations from the SFB Listening Session
September 20, 2005

Forest Patterns: A Landscape management tool presentation and narrative
by Gary Donovan, IP (PDF-1.1mb)

Conservation planning for the Edisto River Landscape presentation from Mischa Hey, TNC and Joe Lawson, MeadWestvaco (PDF- 1mb)

The Nature Conservancy-Corporate Consortium Landscape Planning Approach,
Randy Swaty, TNC (PDF-660kb)

Landscape Assessments: Thoughts on meeting the SFI Standard Requirements. Presentation and narrative by Brian Kernohan, Forest Capital Partners (PDF-600kb)

Interfor’s Approach to Landscape Level management in Coastal BC, presentation by Gerry Fraser, Intefor (PDF-5mb)

Tools for Managing Landscapes, T. Bently Wigley, NACASI (PDF-71kb)

Presentations and Materials from the SFI Implementation Workshops

Ecoregional Planning and SFI: A compilation of presentations by Paul Trianosky, Barbara Vickery, and Ken Popper, TNC (PDF-4mb)

Ecoregional Planning Resources provided by Paul Trianosky, TNC (PDF-66kb)

Ecoregional Planning and SFI: Presentation by Pierre Iachetti, The Nature Conservancy of Canada (PDF-6.6mb)

Landscape Assessment North Cherokee Tract, presentation and narrative by
Joe Lawson, MeadWestvaco (PDF-1.9mb)

Landscape assessment: an example of SFI Implementation, presentation by
John McNulty, Seven Islands Land Company (PDF-1.3mb)

Managing your forest under a big picture context, presentation
by Gerald Rose (PDF-36kb)

Getting ecosystem based management to the woods, presentation by Peter Niely,
Nova Scotia DNR (PDF-579kb)

Invasive Species Resources:
Documents and Presentations from the SFB Listening Session
September 20, 2005

Invasive exotic species, presentation by Scott Cameron, IP (PDF-1.1mb)

Addressing invasive forest pests in Maine, presentation by Dave Struble,
Maine Forest Service (PDF-776kb)

The Berkshire Taconic Landscape Program’s Weed it Now (WIN) Initiative,
Submitted by Jessica Murray, TNC (pp48-50) (PDF-629kb)

Chornesky, et al. 2005. Scientific priorities for reducing the threat of invasive species to sustainable forestry. Bioscience. Vol. 44 No. 4. 19 pp. (pp 51-64) (PDF-832kb)

Phragmites control in the Wynah Bay: a private-public partnership at work. Submitted by Matt Nespeca, TNC. (pp65-67) (PDF-86kb)

Invasive Species Management. Presentation by Will Littke,
Weyerhaeuser (pp68-71) (PDF-309kb)

Additional Invasive Species Resources

Bibliography and database of invasive pest plants in the Southern Appalachian mountain region. (website)(PDF-15kb)

National Invasive Species Council. 2001. Meeting the invasive species challenge: National Invasive species Management Plan. 80pp. (PDF-1.1mb)

Center for Invasive Plant Management. 2005. The Invasive Plant Resource Guide: a big book for a big problem. Montana State University. 17 pp. (website)(PDF-748kb)

Miller, James H. 2003. Nonnative plants of Southern forests: a guide for identification and control. USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station, Gen. Tech. Rep.
SRS-62. 104 pp. (website)(PDF- 5.3mb)

SFI Implementation Workshop Presentations

Invasive Species Control: an Overview. Presentation by Kevin Essington, TNC
(PDF- 140kb)

Invasive and exotic species overview, presentation by Geir Friisoe, Minnesota Department of Agriculture (PDF- 6mb)

International Procurement Resources
SFI 2005-2009 Edition and interpretations (website)

Illegal Logging Background Paper: Seneca Creek Associates and Wood Resources International. 2004. “”Illegal” Logging and Global Wood Markets: The Competitive Impacts on the U.S. Wood Products Industry”. A report to AF&PA.; (PDF-3.2mb)

Examples of resources to assist on verifying legality of wood: ProForest. 2002. Technologies for Wood Tracking: Verifying and Monitoring the Chain of Custody and Legal Compliance in the Timber Industry (website)

SGS Timber Tracking Programme (website)

TNC-WWF Alliance- to promote responsible forest management through certification and combat illegal logging in Indonesia. They have developed a legality standard and a system of bar-coding to track. (website)

Poschen, P: Social Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management.
A guide to ILO texts. International Labour Office/GTZ- Forest Certification Project Working Paper 3, July 2000.
GTZ , the German equivalent of USAID, has a forest certification program
with a “Programme Office for Social and Ecological Standards”. (website)(PDF-347kb)

FSC has a useful document on the ILO and social requirements (website)

The International Labor Organization (website)

Biodiversity Hotspots and Wilderness Areas (website)

Harvest of Tropical Forests and Reduced Impact Logging (website)

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