SFI Annual Conference
October 3-5, 2006
Toronto, ON

The SFB wishes to thank all the speakers, sponsors and attendees that made this year’s conference so successful.  Click on the name of a presentation to download a copy.  
We hope to see you next year!

Tuesday, October 3
Workshop on Biodiversity
NatureServe Forest Program (PDF-1.5mb)
Andy Cutko, NatureServe

G1-G2 Distribution Modeling (PDF-4.6mb)
Pilar Hernandez, NatureServe

Collaborative Conservation (PDF-1mb)
Jonathan Haufler, Ecosystem Management Research Institute

Workshop on Logger Training
SIC Training in New Brunswick (PDF-1.6 mb)
Ray LeBlanc, NB SIC

Training & Certification in Minnesota (PDF-1.4mb)
David Chura, MN SIC

An Auditor’s Perspective (PDF-104kb)
Gregor Macintosh, QMI

Sustainable Forestry Board Pilot Projects
SFI Cost Assessment (PDF-68kb)
Alberto Goetzl, Principal, Seneca Creek Associates, LLC

Assessment of the Alliance for Zero Extinction (PDF-4.5mb)
George Fenwick, American Birds Conservancy

Pilot Projects on Biodiversity (PDF-432kb)
Joe Lawson, MeadWestvaco

Objective 8 (PDF-32kb)
John Innes, University of British Columbia

Wednesday, October 4
General Session I The SFI Program in the Canadian Context: Current Perspectives from Certification Stakeholders in Canada

David Ramsay, Natural Resources Minister, Ontario Ministry of Forestry. (Not Available)

Certification Perspectives from a Forest Company in Canada (PDF-3.8mb)
Barry Waito, Woodlands Manager, Louisiana Pacific Canada, LTD

Collaborative Approaches to Conservation in the Western Boreal Forest (PDF-6.7mb)
Chris Smith, Manager, Industry and Community Relations, Ducks Unlimited Canada

Procurement & Conservation Partnerships (PDF-708kb)
Michael Chenard, Director, Environmental Affairs, Lowe’s Customer Perspectives on Boreal Issues

Joint Solutions Project in Coastal British Columbia ¬- Meeting SFI Program goals (PDF-1.3mb)
Gerry Fraser, Manager, Sustainable Forestry, Interfor

General Session II Threats & Opportunities for the SFI Program

Certified Forest Products Markets Outside of North America (PDF-112kb)
Rupert Oliver, Principal, Forest Industries Intelligence Limited

Marketing the PEFC Internationally (PDF-2.4mb)
Ben Gunneberg, Secretary General, Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

Evaluation of Forest Certification Programs in the Americas (PDF-3.2mb)
Fred Cubbage, Professor, Forest Policy, Economics, & Certification, Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources, NC State University

Thursday, October 5
General Session III Critical Issues Forum

Transitioning the SFI Program (PDF-124kb)
John Heissenbuttel, AF&PA; Consultant on SFI Transition and
Bill Banzhaf, President, Sustainable Forestry Board

Dealing with Wood & Biobased Materials in the LEED Rating System (PDF-2mb)
Alex Wilson, USGBC

General Session IV The Big Picture & A Look Forward

The future isn’t as far away as we think it is (Not Available)
Ross Whaley, Chairman, Adirondack Park Agency and President Emeritus, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

John Luke, Jr., President & CEO, MeadWestvaco Corporation, Chairman, Sustainable Forestry Board (SFB) (Not Available)

SFI COC & Labeling Workshop (PDF-448kb)
Jason Metnick, Sustainable Forestry Board

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