Kathy Abusow
President and CEO
[email protected]

Kathy Abusow bio- English or French (PDF-18kb)

Rick Cantrell
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

Jay Farrell
Manager, Field Operations
[email protected]

Jay manages field-oriented efforts that protect SFI integrity and promote SFI Standard compliance.  He provides guidance and support to SFI Implementation Committees (SICs) to deliver local training, outreach, and inconsistent practices programs that enhance sustainable forestry practices and SFI recognition.  This includes documenting and communicating progress through annual SIC awards and reports. 

Jason Metnick
Manager, SFI Label and Licensing
[email protected]

Jason manages all aspects of the SFI and PEFC licensing, labeling and chain of custody programs.  He is also the contact for the SFI annual survey forms and ensuring SFI is recognized in green building standards.  

Allison Welde
Manager, Conservation Partnerships
[email protected]

Allison is the principle liaison with conservation and social interest organizations that work on forest certification and conservation issues.  She works with existing SFI Program supporters and engages new organizations to support SFI. Currently, Allison is also the US PEFC National Secretary and the main contact for PEFC in the US. 

Amy Doty
SFI, Inc. Office Manager
[email protected]

Amy manages the SFI Inc headquarters office and is the main contact for general inquiries and publication requests.  She also organizes all SFI events such as meetings, workshops and the SFI Annual Conference and is staff liaison on all marketing and communication efforts. 

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