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Introduced November 19, 1996 by Madigan, Musto, Peterson, Stapleton, Wenger, Corman, Afflerbach, Helfrick, Robbins, Schwartz, Rhodes, Hart, Salvatore, Tomlinson and Heckler


A RESOLUTION, Recognizing Pennsylvania’s forest products industry and the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSM

WHEREAS, This Commonwealth has a rich natural bounty of more than 17 million acres of renewable hardwood forest land; and

WHEREAS, This vast forest resource has been a staple component of this nation’s and this Commonwealth’s economy since the founding of America and has sustained business, families, and entire rural communities; and

WHEREAS, Through the generations, Pennsylvania’s forest products industry had grown to represent this Commonwealth’s fourth largest manufacturing sector, with more than 2,200 employers and 90,000 employees; and

WHEREAS, The forest products industry relies on the forest resources to make this Commonwealth the number one producer of hardwood-based material and to meet the public’s increasing demand for word and wood-related products; and

WHEREAS, The Pennsylvania forest products industry, in recognition of its stewardship responsibilities in nurturing the forest resource, has committed itself to the continuing principles of sustainable forestry by initiating the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSM to promote, educate, train and monitor adherence to sustaining the forest resource for future generations; and

WHEREAS, The Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSM is based on the responsible environmental stewardship of the forests, water resources and wildlife;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Senate Commend Pennsylvania’s forest products industry for its history of care and commitment to the responsible use of resources; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Senate recognize the development of Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSM, which has educated landowners, foresters and loggers about the sustainability of Pennsylvania’s forests; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Senate endorse the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSM and its self-regulatory objectives of increasing knowledge, professionalism and stewardship that will foster the sustainability of Pennsylvania’s forests; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Senate request that the public, forest landowners and resource agencies embrace and support the objectives of the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSM in this Commonwealth.

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