SFI, Inc is responsible for meeting the goal of continual improvement of the content and implementation of the SFI Standard. While most of these efforts occur during the 5-year review of the SFI Standard, sometimes issues must be explored during the period in between review cycles. Since the last review in 2004, SFI, Inc has been working on a number of pilot projects. The goal of these projects is to establish baseline information that will guide future Standard reviews in order to ensure that the content of the SFIS is accomplishing SFM on the ground. SFI Inc also works with its conservation supporters to identify areas of common interest for collaboration. SFI, Inc may partner on a project with an outside organization on a project that benefits the program. These projects are evaluated on a case by case basis. Last, SFI, Inc will also appoint task forces to work on specific issues of concern to the Standard or certificate holders.

Four pilot projects were identified at the end of the last review of the SFI Standard:

1. Economics of SFI Certification
Goal: To determine benefits and costs of SFI Certification
Status: Completed. To view the final report, click here.

2. Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) Last Known Sites for Vertebrate Species
Goal: To assess AZE’s database of last known sites for vertebrate species for inclusion in the SFI Standard. If added, the sites would be considered as protected under the SFI Standard.
Status: Pending Board approval for inclusion in the Standard

3. Landscape Assessments
Goal: To assess the effects of encouraging cross boundary landscape management under the SFI Standard Objective
Status: In progress, expected completion date, mid 2008

4. Conservation Planning
Goal: To aid certified companies in uderstanding and implementing the results of credible regional conservation plans
Status: In progress, expected completion date mid 2008

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