The SFI program has a comprehensive labeling program that includes percent content labels for those who choose to use Chain of Custody (CoC). Certified retailers, printers, publishers, merchants and others are eligible for on-product label use and CoC certification. SFI CoC certification provides assurances to your customers that the products you are using come from legal and sustainable sources.

Chain of Custody Links of Interest

  1. SFI Chain of Custody
  2. SFI Program Requirements for Fiber Sourcing, Chain of Custody and Product Labels (PDF-548kb)
  3. SFI On-Product Label
  4. Printers with SFI Chain of Custody (PDF-152kb)
  5. SFI Certified Paper by Company (PDF-108kb)

If you have questions or would like more information on Chain of Custody and the SFI program, please contact:

Jason Metnick
Director of Market Access and Product Labeling
1600 Wilson Blvd
Suite 810
Arlington, VA 22209
703.875.9500 x 23

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