• SFI Informational Tri-fold (PDF- 306kb)
  • SFI Toolkit
    • The SFI Program. A bold approach to sustainable forest management (PDF- 56kb)
    • Advantages of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Program (PDF- 60kb)
    • SFI and FSC: Differences and Similarities (PDF- 88kb)
    • Green Buildings and SFI Certified Wood (PDF- 48kb)
    • 2007 SFI Program Supporters (PDF- 36kb)
    • Model Environmental Policy (PDF- 68kb)
    • Manufacturers, Distributors and Printers Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Chain of Custody Certification (PDF- 160kb)
    • Print Ad: Explore the Benefits of SFI Certification (PDF- 80kb)
    • Print Ad: Larry Selzer, The Conservation Fund (PDF- 3.2mb)
    • Print Ad: SFI Independence (PDF- 80kb)

Fact Sheets

SFI — The North American Standard — Key Facts (PDF- 212kb)
SFI — Responsible Procurement of Wood and Paper Products (PDF-274kb)
SFI — Governance (PDF-688kb)


Biological Diversity and Wildlife Habitat Consideratiosn in Managed Forests (PDF- 1.6mb)
Chain of Custody (PDF- 224kb)
SFI Standard (PDF- 988kb)

Historical Archive

12th Annual SFI Progress Report (PDF- 764 kb)
SFI Standard 2002 (PDF- 456kb)
SFB Annual Report 2004 (PDF- 1.9mb)
SFI 10th Annual Progress Report (PDF- 1.2mb)
11th Annual SFI Progress Report (PDF- 900 kb)

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