SFI Standard Review Begins in June 2008

The 2010-2014 SFI Standard development process will begin in June 2008 with a 60 day open comment period on the current 2005-2009 SFI Standard.  All parts of the Standard will be open for comment. 

This review process will be entirely web-based, with an online survey format that will allow all respondents to comment on and suggest modified language for the current SFI Standard.  We are initiating the web based system to increase the efficiency of the review process.  SFI Inc strongly urges those interested in participating in the Standard development process to use the internet based system beginning in June, although other types of submissions will be accepted.  The full survey will be available to download to allow you to formulate your comments prior to submission. 

For details on the full review process, click the link below. 

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