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Certified SFI Program Participants are required to undergo periodic surveillance audits by independant and accredited auditors to ensure ongoing conformance to the Standard. In addition, certified Program Participants must also undergo a full recertification audit every 5 years.

Starting in 2005, the public summary documents that detail these audits can be found here. Program Participants are listed alphabetically per letter starting with the first available entry. Use the index above to access reports of companies begining with the selected letter (or All). Company names are followed by the Audit Date, Audit Company Name, Audit Type, and Audit Location. Click on the Audit Date to view or download the report in PDF format.

To download a full list of SFI Certified Program Participants click here (PDF-47kb).

Bennet Lumber Products, Inc.
June 2006  (PDF-72kb)
Forestry Recertification Audit
Idaho & Washington

Boise Cascade
July 2005  (PDF-48kb)
Procurement system re-certification
Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Louisiana, Alabama

April 2005  (PDF-622kb)
KPMG Performance Registrar
Forest Management Recertification
Southeastern Woodlands

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