About The Sustainable Forestry Board

The Sustainable Forestry Board, Inc (SFB) is committed to making forests work for today and tomorrow. This diverse group of conservationists, scientists, foresters, public officials, and landowners promotes the long-term health and sustainability of our forests by governing the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Standard. The SFB is the sole body responsible for the content of the SFI Standard and the Audit Procedures and Qualifications.

The Board is made of 15 board members from a variety of backgrounds. There are 5 environmental nonprofit CEO’s, 5 forest industry CEO’s and, and 5 members of the broader forestry community. Through the balance of these stakeholders, the SFB can maintain their goal of continual improvement of the SFI Standard, and ensure that the Standard is protecting the economic, environmental and social needs of our forests and communities.

For more information on the SFB please contact Allison Welde, SFB Program Coordinator at [email protected].

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